Monday, December 13, 2021

Portrait of Yolandi

This is a small 6.5x4.5 acrylic portrait commission
done of a beautiful dog by the name of Yolandi.


Kayaks At Indian Arm

This is another small 10x8 acrylic painting done during a Zoom session.


Friday, December 3, 2021

Paintings at the 2021 Winter Treasures Exhibition in Port Moody

These little varnished watercolours are mounted on wooden cradles and waxed to a soft sheen.
They are currently on display and available for sale 
in the annual Port Moody Art Centre's Winter Treasures Exhibition
at 2425 St John's Street
Port Moody

Wetland Surveyor 8x8

Good Company 6x8

Magical - 6x6

Best Kept Secret 6x8

Crowberry Court - 6x6

Free Spirit - 8x8
Laying Low 6x8 - SOLD
Shallow Water 8x6

Small Pleasures - 6x6

The Waiting Game 8x8 - SOLD

 Watching and Waiting - SOLD