Friday, March 4, 2016

THE HERON MURAL Completed 2017 for the 50th Anniversary of the Port Moody Art Association

This is the completed Mural with all 35 individually painted panels completed. Each panel is a painting unto itself but connects to it's neighbouring panel to create the final image of 
the Great Blue Heron

Go to association/50th anniversary to view the mural and the individual panels that make up the completed mural.  The completed mural, fully framed has been donated to the Eagle Ridge Hospital and will be on permanent display there.

This is the original enlarged photograph taken - not the mural image.

I belong to the Port Moody Art Association and I am pleased to say that they chose a photo I took of a great blue heron to be their mural image for a 50th club anniversary project in 2017.  The photo was enlarged and this was the first time I had seen it.  It was cut up into 35 squares and distributed among the 35 club participants.  Each person (including myself) used the reference panel and a drawing on a canvas to paint a unique individual painting. Then all the canvas' were assembled and the Great Blue Heron did reimmerge as the final image.