Sunday, July 18, 2010

Problem solving

Sketch books should be for problem solving,
practicing and thinking things through. Better
to resolve things in your sketch book than
trying to figure it out while painting.

Paint tubes 2

These little sketches are in pen and
ink and are about 4" x 6" . I have a
lot of different sizes of sketch books
but the little ones fit in the console
of my car and are easy to have on

Paint tubes

I like to get to work a little early and just
sit and sketch in my car, but the view is
just a parking lot, so I have photos with me that
I have taken and printed up and I'll sketch
from these.

Memory drawings

I do a lot of life drawing and sometimes
it's just fun to doodle and play with the
figure - quick little sketches from memory.

Colour swatches

I like to do colour swatches prior to doing
a painting and I will quite often attach
the swatch in my sketch book along with
drawings for that painting and my notes

Reza's backyard 2010

I spent a pleasant afternoon in a friend's
backyard sketching this past June 2010

Fawn Lake 2009

Fawn Lake 2010

On location this July.

Fawn Lake July 2010

Sketch books are a lot fun and I do a fair
bit of sketching and thought it would be fun
to post some of the sketches from various
times and places. Not all my sketches are
done on location, such as this one, but I try
to get something down in my book as much
as time allows.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nude 6

Life Drawing
Graphite on Paper

Nude 5

Life Drawing
Graphite on Paper