Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach Rocks

This is a 12.5"x18.5" watercolour painting.

And The Sand Plays On

This is a 12"x14" watercolour painting.

Almost Hidden

This is a 15"x 24.5 watercolour painting.

What Lies Beneath

This is a large 20"x27" watercolour painting.

Colours of the Beach

This is a 16"x21.5" watercolour painting.

Hide and Seek

This is 14"x12" watercolour painting.
 These little lizards were running in and around the rocks in the Utah area
and I found them charming as long as they stayed in the rocks!

Red Sands

This is a 15"x 17" watercolour painting.


This is a 14"x18" watercolour painting.

Belcarra Starfish

This is a 14"x21" watercolour painting

Utah Monuments - NFS

This is an acrylic on canvas 15"x30" from the Moab, Utah area.

Moab Cliffs - Unavailable

This is a fairly large acrylic painting 36"x24"
I have to admit, I love Utah

Bamboozled - NFS

This is an acrylic on canvas 12"x 24"