Friday, March 24, 2023


"Fledglings" 5x7 Acrylic - SOLD

"Little Barn Swallows" 7x5 Acrylic

"Little Peeps" - 5x7 Acrylic - SOLD

"Ready To Fly" 8x8 Acrylic - SOLD

"Tiny Juncos" 7x5 Acrylic - SOLD

                                                "Small Wonders 7x5 Acrylic - SOLD

"A Nesting Pair" 6x6 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed - SOLD


 "Black Feathers" 8x8 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed - SOLD

Attitude - Pencil

"Black Bird" -  4x6 Acrylic - SOLD

"Back Yard Gems" 5x7 Acrylic 

"Loud & Proud" - 20x16 Acrylic on Canvas

"Grey Ghost" Watercolour - SOLD

"First Winter Western Gull" - 14x11 Acrylic on canvas

"Blue Heron" Watercolour - SOLD

"Blue Heron Grace" Watercolour - SOLD

"Free Spirit" - 8 x8 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed

"Pretty Little Flyers" 6x6 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed

"The Locals" - 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"The Guardian" 3x4 Watercolour - SOLD

"A Quail Covey" 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Quail Couple" - 4x3 Acrylic - SOLD

" Two Quail" - 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Quail On The Trail - 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Wind Swept - 3x4 Watercolour - SOLD

"The Bold One" 8x6 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed - SOLD

"Summer Blue" Watercolour - SOLD

"Small Pleasures" Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed

The Steveston Heron - 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"The Opportunist" 6x6 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed - SOLD

"Red Wings" 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Full Moon" 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Tangled Cover"  20x20 Acrylic on Canvas


Thursday, March 23, 2023


                                                    "Through the Trees - Port Moody" 8x10 Acrylic

"Mossum Creek"  10x 8 Acrylic

"Barnet Marine Park"  8x10  Acrylic Plein Air

                                                        "Port Moody Autumn" 8x10 Acrylic


                                                     "Shores Along Whyte Cliff Park"  8x10 Acrylic


"Three Amigos 4x3 Acrylic - SOLD

"Wild Horses" 8x10 Acrylic on Wooden Cradle - SOLD

"Good Company" 6x8 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed - SOLD

"Companions" 18x14 Acrylic on Canvas

"Dusk" 4x3 Acrylic 

"Heart & Soul" 6x6 Watercolour, Varnished & Waxed

"Quiet Haven"  22x30 Acrylic - NFS

"Footloose" 5x6 Acrylic - SOLD

"On the Move" 5x6 Acrylic - SOLD

"The Big Easy" 12x24 Acrylic on Canvas

"The Grey Hunter" Watercolour  - SOLD

"Spring's Baby" 14x19 Acrylic

"Star Attraction" 14x18 Acrylic on Canvas

"Sweet Michael" 10x14 Pencil - NFS

"The Shetland" 12x 16 Pencil - NFS
"The Colt" - Pencil - NFS

"Stepping Out" - 6x8 Watercolour Varnished, waxed on cradle board

  "Heartbeat"  - 6x8 Watercolour Varnished, waxed on cradle board

"Last Light" - 3x4 Acrylic - SOLD

"Country Sunset - 4x3 Acrylic - SOLD